VRU Berlin presents

Episode 26 – Gemischter Teller (Unfulfillment)

01 – Honeycut – The Comedian
02 – Beastie Respond – Syncopy
03 – Kolombo – Waiting For
04 – Balam Acab – Apart
05 – Procol Harum – Too Much Between Us
06 – Digitalism – Just Gaizin’
07 – Montag – I Have Sound

„I work as a designer and musician in Berlin. If I had to renounce one thing in my life it would definitely NOT be music, because it’s important like the air you’re breathing. Art and design are the other two important subjects that matter in my daily work and life. You always have to be curious and should never stop to innovate and develop. That’s the formula. And to be nice.“